The nature reserve of the Orrido Di Botri Canyon is a deep limestone gorge, of fantastic beauty. One of the most appreciated canyons throughout Italy, with steep walls, in some high altitudes up to 200 meters, excavated in the deep years by erosion of the Rio Pelago.

The Canyon is part of Apennine landscape characterized by rocky environments and vast beech trees, which in autumn are coloured with hues of golden Autumn colours..

The stream sits between high rocky walls, forming a rare natural environment of remarkable geological and natural interest.

The 1971 establishment of the Orrido Nature Reserve of Botri and Balzonero on the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests allowed the preservation of this particular site, where flora and fauna find an ideal, intact and protected habitat.
The flora is particularly rich and very interesting, a hymn to biodiversity: many rare botanical species can be admired, such as uncommon pinguicola (Pinguicola vulgaris), insectivorous plants, purple flowers and viscous leaves to capture small insects it feeds.
Thanks to its integrity, the territory of the Orrido of Botri is also an optimum environment for many animal species. Golden Eagles fly high  here and still  nest high in the gorges, as well as many other species of birds of prey. Visits, with or without guide, are open from late May to October.