The Global Village is a Scientific-Cultural Association of Social Promotion that has as its main purpose education for self-awareness, psycho-physical well-being and personal growth for a more ethical, human and sustainable world.

The Global Village offers awareness groups and training courses open to all people who want to pursue a path of human knowledge, of soul searching and processing.
The Global Village cooperates with UNESCO-FICLU, with universities and national and international associations UN member.


– Academy Holistic and Basic Course
Science, Art and Awareness for a new global society
– Master in Psychosomatic Mindfulness and Personal Growth
Training two-year-three-year training for doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists
– Training School Biennale-Triennale counselor and holistic practitioners oriented mindfulness and well-being psychosomatic
– Biennial Course in Craniosacral and somato emotional release
– Growth and Awareness Groups

The Global Village has its headquarters at Villa Demidoff, a large villa built by the Russian Prince Anatoli Demidoff, in the green Val di Lima, in Bagni di Lucca, with an adjacent neoclassical temple.