“Between brown tones

And the groan of the creek

Who unite their sounds

Hesitates the heart … “

Eugenio Montale – “Bagni di Lucca”



A river, ancient villages, many mountains.

This is the Lima Valley, a region that is experiencing a spontaneous return to the fame of the past,  where have been “excluded” from the processes of modernization now has become an invaluable opportunity.  In the heart of Tuscany.

Pristine rivers, abundant wildlife and breathtaking scenery.  All topped off with an ancient flavor.

The works of man, built with the sweat and the mastery of time, seems not to want to steal the scene to the undisputed star of this territory.  Nature with a capital N.  Ancient churches, unspoiled surroundings and a unique concentration of outdoor activities have found a magical balance in the shadow of these mountains.