This is one of the most fascinating paths in the Valley.

The walk starts from the Monte Prato Fiorito, which is an exceptional spot to take in the panorama over the whole Val di Lima. The path is the 12 CAI (Italian way to name paths) which goes up to Monte Mosca. From the top of this Mountain you can enjoy a great view down on to the whole Canyon of Orrido di Botri and its barren vertical mountain sides. The path brings you further to the Rifugio Fontana a Troghi, immersed in a beautiful wood of beech trees. From the Rifugio you leave the path 12 CAI, which goes on to the Foce di Campolino, and take the path 12 CAI. The path goes through beech tree woods and crosses the two torrents that will join into the Rio Pelago (the torrent that runs inside the Orrido di Botri), Rio Ribellino, and the Torrente Mariana. Having crossed this wild and unspoiled side of the Canyon, you reach the Rifugio Casentini on the other side. At this point you can either take a break or continue walking along the vertical mountain side of the Orrido di Botri on the path 013 CAI, called “l’anello del Belvedere” (The Ring of Belvedere) up to the end of this itinerary, which is characterised by spectacular views.