The Roman Road

Itinerary to the discovery of churches of precious construction, through the remains of ancient romanic streets of which are still intact many bridges and medieval buildings. The itinerary begins by visiting the churches of Ponte a Serraglio and Lugliano. Casoli is reached by crossing a romanic bridge and you will be taken to the ancient feud of the Lupari.

The name of the village of Limano indicates that this ancient fortress had been built and fortified to defend the Lima valley. Lucchio’s toponym means “a place covered with forests”, also an ancient Lupari feud. Vico Pancellorum, a sentinel town of the Lucchese Republic and laying at the foot of the Balzonero Natural Reserve, contains the romanic church of San Paolo, dating back between the 9th and 12th centuries.

The sites include: Ponte a Serraglio, Lugliano, Scesta, Casoli, Limano, Lucchio, Vico Pancellorum

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