The Road of the Knights

Itinerary to discover churches.

Making a stop in San Gemignano you will find the Church named after San Gemignano Bishop, who liberated the daughter of the Emperor of Constantinople from the devil. Continuing towards Pieve di Controne you will find a very particular church since we can say it has two facades. San Cassiano hosts the museum complex in which there are two statues assigned to Giotto’s School depicting the Annunciation, the knight of San Cassiano of Jacopo della Quercia, and an eleventh century ceramic basin. San Cassiano is also important because it’s the place where Santa Gemma Galgani lived for part of her life. There are news of the church dating back to 722, it includes many symbols of different epochs and cultures, including ancient emblems of the Templar Knights. Descending, we will again come across to romanic structures. On the other side of the Lima river you will find Fabbriche di Casabasciana, Casabasciana and Crasciana with their ancient churches.

The sites include: Pieve di Controne, San Gemignano, San Cassiano, Palleggio, Astracaccio, Fabbriche di Casabasciana, Casabasciana, Crasciana.

These itineraries include the possibility of connecting to the naturalistic paths.

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