600 species and 11 habitats, this is the Lima Valley.

20% of animal and flora species are of conservation interest for rarity and vulnerability.
The Val di Lima area houses an incredible variety of animal species, including theGolden Eagle , Wolves, Deer, Daino ( type of Deer ) , Marmotta and Wild Boar. But there are large amounts of roe deer, porcupines, ghiri  and an incredible number of mammals (Fox, Squirrel, Martora, Weasel, Hare, Puzzola, Faina, Arvicole, Muflone),
Amphibians (among them is very important the presence of the temporal frog, L’ululone dal ventre giallo  and Approvinous Geotritone),
Reptiles (of the Ofidi family ), in addition to the Viper and other more common snakes, it is worth noting the Coronella smooth also exists here.
Birds (in addition to the Golden Eagle) to be spotted here  are Eurasian Eagle Owls , Kingfishers Sparrows, Astore, Poiana). River fish (Fario trout and Macrostigma) also feature in this landscape.

From the naturalistic point of view, important habitats preserve floral pearls such as Rosa Andegavensis, Paradisea Liliastrum, Fritillaria Orientalis, Aquilegia Bertolonii, Pinguicola vulgaris, Carex Macrostatics, Orchid, Lilies, Gentians and many other rare species of beauty.