A totally unique Adventure Park. A path that unfolds inside a Canyon and not amongst the trees. Suspended on an inaccessible stretch of the Lima River with cable wires over 100 meters long, bridges over the rapids, bridges and breathtaking views.

Canyon Park is equipped with the innovative Continuous Life System with a carabiner always secured to the cable, so just have to think of having fun !

The route, carried out with the help of a guide, is suitable for everyone from 10 years and 140 cm in height.

The river section is also famous for scuba diving in its emerald green water.

  • Period open for activity: March – October
  • Duration: 1.30 – 2  hours
  • Equipment Provided: Helmet, Harness, Safety Devices, Gloves.
  • Age Restriction : From 10  years old with a  minimum height of 140cm

Reservations (online, no payment requested)